4 Amazing Examples of Branded Content Campaigns

August 17, 20235 MinutesBy Natalya Jaime

Branded content is everywhere. It’s nothing new, so why is it still so prominent? It worksthat’s why! 

Branded content is 22 times more engaging than display advertisements (Southern California News Group, 2022). 

Tim Rainey, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Skyline Studio, says “branded content allows clients to fully integrate their brand into social media posts, content articles, or other marketing platforms in the voice of the brand. It’s like product placement in big Hollywood movies.” 

The ability to blend original content with your brand image is a great way to bypass “banner blindness” and actively engage consumers by telling a story — something an agency like Skyline Studio can help with. Here are a few creative branded content campaigns to help with your branded content strategy.

1. Birkenstock

Birkenstock is known for their comfy casual footwear with an “ugly” aesthetic. The company knew exactly how to inform and grab the attention of consumers by capitalizing on their not-so-traditional style.

birkenstock website

Source: Birkenstock

In 2022, they released a 3-part documentary with The New York Times called “Ugly for a Reason.” This series explained the science behind the Birkenstock’s design and why it caters to the anatomy of the human foot and overall foot health.

They blended real-life science with their product — without selling their product to you. Scientist interviews, actual customers, and subject matter experts were all included to give context to the product without a direct sales pitch.

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2. Red Bull

Red Bull has a long history of being a sports and adventure-oriented energy drink. The way they were able to maintain such an image? Branded content!

Source: YouTube

Their YouTube channel boasts tons of videos of people participating in extreme sports, going on adventures, and performing stunts — without actively selling you their product. Instead, their drinks are simply featured. 

Using video has worked for their branded content campaigns, because they can showcase the types of consumers they reach and who their audience really is. The videos speak for themselves — no promotional selling needed.

3. Patagonia

Popular clothing brand, Patagonia, took a multiplatform route to branded content. They combined editorial with video to put the spotlight on Mexican immigrant farmer Javier Zamora, who is hoping to inspire other immigrants to purchase farms in the US.

javier zamora Patagonia ad

Source: Patagonia

A video on Zamora, as well as the article about him, live on Patagonia’s website but never mention the brand itself. Instead, the logo is placed on the video and people are shown wearing the brand. But that’s it. 

They tell the story of a real person discussing a real issue, but it’s still related to Patagonia’s culture. With this approach, they highlight a bigger issue and feature one person while connecting the brand’s mission.

4. Subaru

Subaru took to social media for their branded content campaign, #MeetAnOwner. Known for their SUVs, Subaru wanted to improve their brand image by using real consumers.


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Source: Instagram

By combining influencer marketing with branded content, Subaru’s campaign made it so that real Subaru owners could promote their brand without a sales pitch. They would simply show photos of customers with their car on Instagram, ready for a trip or adventure (which Subaru is perfect for, right?). 

Their goal of improving brand image as a car meant for adventures was not only boosted by this social media campaign. They also paired video content showing customers on trips and performing stunts with these Instagram posts and hashtag. 

Hopefully these successful campaigns provided some inspiration for your next branded content campaign.Use different platforms, formats, and styles to reach your best audience and above all else, tell your story.

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