Creative services agencies must market themselves to increase their clientele and brand revenue. But how do the branding and artistic experts advertise their own business?

Some creative agencies or creative and marketing professionals may need help juggling the creative and growth marketing process. A creative agency may churn out engaging and innovative campaigns, but acquiring new clients to produce campaigns for could be a problem and could hinder your business ROI.

Creative agencies should have a lead generation strategy to acquire new clients, retain current ones, and build a healthy sales pipeline.

Not to worry, though, because we here at Skyline Studio—SoCal News Group’s in-house creative services agency—are here to help you grapple with the difficulties of increasing your client base.

In this post, marketers and creative professionals will find four marketing strategies to increase your creative services agency’s lead-generation efforts.

Create niche content for your target audience. 

When implementing a content marketing strategy to increase your B2B lead generation endeavors, creating content that attracts businesses interested in your product or services is one of the best tactics. 

In the case of creative services agencies, developing content that speaks directly to marketing and sales professionals interested in partnering with and using your creative services is the type of content your brand must produce. 

Creative agencies can produce content that shows other businesses their artistic capabilities, the wide range of branding offers, kitschy copywriting skills, high-quality video production, etc. 

Your agency can upsell your creative services to potential clients when these creative examples are placed on the website, marketing blogs, or e-books. 

At Skyline Studio, our marketing blog is an excellent resource for other B2B brands looking to partner with a creative services agency. Our blog provides valuable insight into the creative services industry, how to navigate the campaign process best, and why working with a creative services agency is essential to brand awareness and exposure. 

We here at Skyline Studio strive to provide our clients with creative and branding professionals who will guide you along the campaign process—from market research to campaign design and fulfillment to campaign insights. 

Partnering with our creative services agency will increase your brand’s visibility across Southern California and help your business generate conversions and customer loyalty.

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Consider using transparency as a marketing hook for prospects.

Nowadays, consumers value transparent businesses. When your brand creates a sense of transparency, your business develops consumer trust and loyalty while increasing your brand’s adaptability. 

Prospects actively search for information on your business and its products or services. According to consumer research, 94% of consumers prefer brands that practice transparency—if your brand hasn’t started being transparent, 2024 is the year to start. 

For creative services agencies seeking to be more transparent with potential clients, here are three ways to become more transparent: 

1. Transparency in pricing

Providing creative services estimates can set you apart from competitors who may be less susceptible to revealing pricing. Since you are providing potential prospects with estimates on pricing, you can have separate private rates for your customized offerings. 

2. Transparency in the process

Agencies should allow potential clients to know the campaign process, what marketing or creative tools you use, and how you provide insights, which is an effective way to attract new customers. Giving prospects a general idea of your creative process significantly enhances their trust in your agency and its services.

When you partner with Skyline Studio, our creative professionals strive to provide the best transparency, especially regarding the campaign process. From branded content to video campaigns and everything in between, Skyline delivers the best in advertising campaigns. 

Below is an example of our creative services timeline for video campaigns. 

Skyline Studio’s Video Campaign Timeline

3. Transparency in performance

As we know by now, we marketers appreciate a good data set. However, when sharing insights from your creative service agency, showing them hard data over subjective data provides clients with a more accurate picture. 

Share hard data about the work your agency has accomplished and how it greatly impacted other brands using infographics, static images, or videos. Make showing data fun. 

What’s the old saying: “Honesty is the best policy.” A friendly reminder for marketers and creatives. 

Optimize your branding to increase lead-generation efforts. 

Marketing is all about trial and error. For brands to be successful with their lead generation strategies, marketers need to test different forms of marketing—some may work, some may not. And that’s okay. 

In the creative services industry, agencies must implement branding strategies across various marketing channels like any other brand. Because let’s face it, creative agencies are businesses that must create lead-generation opportunities

There are a couple of strategies that creative marketers can implement to increase high-quality leads: social media and event marketing. 

Turning your social media followers into leads is a strategy that brands, especially creative agencies, shouldn’t overlook. With social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, creative agencies can showcase their work—consider it a public portfolio.

According to creative services research, 48% of social media users have bought a product after seeing an advertisement, which is a significant amount of consumers.  

Because social networks like Instagram and TikTok are visually appealing, creative agencies and their professionals can showcase past campaigns or random graphics to potential clients. That’s the branding part. 

The lead generation part comes when brands link their website or other downloadable content, like a media kit or email subscription CTA, to their account and actively tell followers to click the link. 

The additional branding opportunity for creative agencies is event marketing. Events are your business’s perfect lead-generation strategy because your attendees knowingly become prospects. 

Whether you host an in-person or virtual event or are a guest speaker at an industry event, using these opportunities will help generate more high-quality leads. Building your presence offline will significantly increase brand awareness and stir consumer interest. 

Showcase your creative agency’s artistic capabilities.

Creative agencies have unique services to offer potential clients. An agency and its creative professionals provide businesses with branding, promotional content, graphic designs, etc. 

Since agencies have developed portfolios of marketing campaigns or artistic designs, the best way to capture the attention of your target audience is through showcasing your past work. At Skyline, our creative professionals do fantastic work across different advertising mediums and channels.

Below is just a tiny example of the work Skyline provides its clients.

Social Media Interactive Facebook Ad. Design by Skyline Studio
Sponsored Content, Resort Report, by Skyline Studio
Display Ad for Sofia University, by Skyline Studio

When agencies provide potential clients with examples of their designs or campaigns, your business does two critical things: 

1. Show off aesthetics and skills. 

Demonstrating to prospects the level of art and creative skills your agency provides helps create brand awareness and a sense of professionalism to build trust. Regarding aesthetics, clients want to ensure that your agency’s artistic capabilities align with their branding efforts. 

2. Drive traffic to your website. 

Another benefit to displaying campaigns or creative content on your website or social media accounts is increasing website traffic. When agencies develop a content strategy for their brand, you will help drive traffic to your website from different marketing channels. 

Building brand awareness, visibility, and loyalty are essential to creative agencies. Sometimes, all it takes is targeting audiences with your creative capabilities.

Partner with Skyline Studio for your next brand campaign. 

Marketing your creative agency tends to be challenging, but you can increase your lead-generation efforts with the right strategies. Staying ahead of your competitors by implementing marketing strategies in this post can help build your client roster.

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