Skyline Studio, get to know our creative services agency.

A great marketing campaign requires a great creative services agency like Skyline Studio. We are Southern California News Group’s in-house content and creative agency, ready to provide the best in modern storytelling, paid campaigns, and experiences.

Marketers can expect to receive creative and engaging campaigns when your brand partners with Skyline Studio. These campaigns will drive conversions, increase brand awareness, and generate consumer interest. Our advertising campaigns help your brand drive consumers down the sales funnel and increase revenue because of our vast audience and targeting methods at our disposal.

“In today’s advertising landscape, custom content and influencer partnerships have become indispensable tools for brands aiming to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience. With consumers increasingly tuning out traditional advertisements, personalized content tailored to specific demographics and platforms holds the key to engagement. Influencers, with their established credibility and loyal followings, offer brands a unique opportunity to reach consumers in a more authentic and relatable manner. By collaborating with influencers, brands can leverage their influence to amplify brand messages, drive conversions, and foster genuine connections with consumers. Moreover, custom content allows brands to showcase their unique value proposition, foster brand loyalty, and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. In essence, the synergy between custom content and influencer marketing has become essential for brands looking to stay relevant and resonate with today’s discerning consumers.” says Max Ramirez, Senior Director, Content Marketing at MediaNews Group. 

We are a team of experienced content creators, designers, and social media strategists ready to assist clients in delivering their brand’s message through exceptional storytelling and premium brand experiences.

In this post, marketers and advertisers interested in partnering with Skyline Studio for all creative services will learn about our products and services available to clients. Keep reading for more information on Skyline Studio for your next excellent brand campaign.

We specialize in modern storytelling and premium brand experiences.

At Skyline Studio, clients have an array of digital marketing and advertising services to choose from that best fit their brand’s marketing strategy and goals. Our creative services professionals can turn any idea into a highly engaging campaign that features innovative storytelling, video production, or graphic design.

Branded Content 

Consumers don’t like being bombarded with traditional advertisements, so what is the solution? Branded content is the answer—also known as the modern-day form of storytelling in advertising. 

Branded content provides a target audience with content that tells a story and helps identify a brand’s values and missions to potential customers. Our team integrates your messages into articles and story formats that SCNG readers expect and enjoy.

SoCal MoMents Instagram Paid Campaign

Studies have shown that consumers prefer branded content to traditional advertising because they are 14% more likely to seek more content from an advertiser once exposed to branded content.

When partnering with Skyline Studio, brands can expect purpose-built campaigns with the brand’s full approval. The branded content campaigns for your business’s brand will live on one or all eleven of our Southern California News Groups websites.

The team at Skyline Studio provides several ad placements in different formats for branded content.

  • Branded Content Ad Placements include: 
    • SCNG websites
      SoCal MoMents Instagram Stories Paid Campaign
    • The T.E.A—Trends, Experiences, and Arts newsletters 
    • SoCal Home & Living
    • SoCal Fomo
    • SoCal Moments
    • SCNG Admail. 
  • Types of branded content formats available: 
    • Branded Content Article
    • Branded Social Posts
    • Native Ads (Run of Site)
    • Native Ads in SCNG Newsletters.

Branded Content is in the voice of our content writers and may be sponsored by an advertiser using our owned & operated branded channels.

By allowing your campaign to be placed on our websites, your brand builds awareness with our consumers, which ensures brand consistency, quality, and trust. 

Custom Content

Resort Reporter

Are you more interested in content created in your brand’s voice? Then, custom content is the type of advertising campaign your business needs to generate engagement and increase revenue. 

Custom content differs from branded content because the content is produced in the advertiser’s voice and then distributed on SCNG’s owned & operated channels to get your message to targeted audiences. 

When your marketing strategy includes custom content, audiences will feel better about becoming consumers—82% of customers have a more positive outlook on a company after reading custom content. 

Since custom content is considered content marketing, our Skyline team will create educational, informative, and engaging content so potential customers can better understand your products or services. 

The team at Skyline Studio provides several ad placements in different formats for custom content.

  • Custom Content Ad Placements include: 
    • SCNG websites
    • SCNG social pages
    • SCNG admail 
    • SCNG Native in newsletters
    • Native Distribution
    • Social Distribution
  • Types of custom content formats with add-ons available:
    • Custom content article
    • Custom content section
    • Native Ads on the SCNG Website 
    • Native Ads on SCNG Newsletters. 
    • SCNG Sponsored Social Posts. 

When choosing a custom content package, Skyline will provide the client with a full campaign support team to help craft your brand’s message and provide creative direction and design. We will also assist your marketing and advertising team with identifying formats for content and distribution. 

Custom content produced by our creative services team will help showcase your brand meaningfully to attract new customers and increase customer retention with existing ones, ultimately generating more brand awareness and ROI. 

Influencer Marketing 

Marketers who want to drive engagement and increase brand awareness and revenue through social channels should consider influencer marketing. 

In today’s hyper-digital world, influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. Why? Simply put, influencers tend to have a loyal following and have already earned the trust of their audiences. 

So, when you partner with an influencer, your brand will have the influencer promote your product or service to their already loyal network of followers. According to consumer trends, 31% of social media users discover new products through influencers—therefore, when developing brand partnerships with influencers, your business will build new, authentic relationships with consumers. 

Partnering with influencers and using a premium brand’s platform, like SCNG, will provide an even greater audience network. Our Skyline team provides brands with influencers who then develop content in your brand’s voice to promote your product or services.  

With Skyline’s influencer network, brands can expect the following services: 

  • Types of influencer content:
    • Influencer-developed content: 
      • Formats could include text, video, onsite visits, reviews, stories, and use of products or services. 
    • Influencers social posts
    • Influencer affiliate revenue 
    • Advertising against influencer audience: 
      • Formats could include social ads, stories, posts, banner ads, or custom audience targeting. 
    • Creative design for influencers to use. 
  • Ad placements: 
    • Influencer appearances
    • Influencer blogs
    • Influencer social pages

When partnering with Skyline’s influencer marketing services, the opportunities are endless. Our content and creative strategists will work with your brand and our influencers to develop engaging and genuine content to reach your target market. 

Skyline will help brands track and measure the influencer marketing campaign to provide you with metrics to ensure you are meeting your campaign goals.  

Event Marketing

Brands need to build authentic relationships with consumers, and the best way to do this is through event marketing—a marketing strategy that drives high engagement and conversions. 

Post-pandemic people are eager to travel and attend events, and since marketing is about meeting the consumers where they are, adding events to your marketing strategy will help increase leads, conversions, and consumer loyalty.

Event marketing is popular with B2B and B2C marketers. It’s an excellent opportunity to get your products or services in front of a large audience. Consumers can test your products, engage with company representatives, attend presentations or demonstrations, and participate in other interactive activities during events.

When brands partner with Skyline for event marketing strategies, our marketing and event specialists will help with event promotion and marketing using our Skyline products. Several ad and promotional placements in various formats are available for brands across our SCNG publications and websites. 

Some advertising and promotional opportunities include promotion through our Skyline social accounts and digital platforms—SoCalMOMents, SoCal Home and Living, and SoCalFOMO (depending on the type of event). 

Our event marketing capabilities provide businesses with creating interest around your brand’s products or services. To build brand awareness, foster relationships, and generate leads for your business.

Creative Services

Skyline Studio is Southern California News Group’s in-house creative and content agency, so naturally, we will provide your business with the best and most aesthetically pleasing creative content for your brand. 

A creative agency provides brands with all deliverables, including crafting the brand’s message, video production, graphic design, advertising services, and anything in the creative realm. 

When brands work with the Skyline creative services team, our creative strategists and video producers will guide you through the creative process so your business can align its marketing strategy and brand’s mission with the content. 

A large part of the creative process is communicating your brand’s message and crafting a story to show consumers why your brand’s products or services are the best. 

Communication is an essential part of delivering brand messages, and according to research, 65% of customers express frustration over inconsistent experiences or information presented across multiple channels. For this reason, hiring a creative agency is vital to getting your brand’s core message across to audiences.

Our Skyline Studio in-house creative team offers various multichannel, content-driven marketing services. At Skyline, we believe in the power of storytelling, especially visual storytelling, which is the most engaging content for audiences. 

Some of our in-house creative services include video ad production, visual storytelling, influence content, and photography, to name a few. 

Aside from partnering with large-scale brands, our team will also work with small businesses (SMBs) to produce Value Video Ads (VVA). This type of video is for small businesses looking to target consumers using low-cost video ads to promote their products or services.  

Skyline Studio is the creative services agency your business needs. We help increase brand exposure, shape brand identity, and build consumer engagement and loyalty. So that your business can increase ROI and consumer retention. 

The Skyline Team is here to provide a solution for your business.

At Skyline Studio, we strive to provide the best client experience for our clients so we can help meet their marketing and advertising needs and goals. 

We thrive on creating and producing visual storytelling so your business can build brand awareness. To show consumers the significance of your brand. Skyline Studio is here to help you with all creative aspects of your business, from branded content to creative services. 

Brands must produce relevant, timely, high-quality content to increase consumer engagement, generate leads, and increase revenue. With the engaging, brand-driven content that Skyline produces for brands, your business will compete with other brands and develop a loyal consumer following. 

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