Skyline's SoCal Home & Living Series

We’re redefining SoCal living and showcasing brands that deliver luxurious, upscale & modern residencies, world-class finishes & decor, and sweeping views of our gorgeous Southern California’s landscapes. 

Creating a bold & compelling visual narrative of your brand is imperative to entice those looking for lavish indoor and outdoor living experiences.

Skyline’s exclusive SoCal Home & Living content series is here to feature your luxury lifestyle business through a series of digital content, curated and created by us and published across our renowned SoCal publications.

We want to drive niche audiences to your brand through strategic publishing partnerships & digital channels, with the desire to help you thrive and continue providing luxurious living experiences to your customers.

About our SoCal Home & Living 

The series will feature weekly articles and videos providing topical home decoration trends, home improvement tips, and seasonal advice for homeowners. 

We’ll feature brands through exclusive branded content sponsorships, massive media exposure, and engagement with valuable audiences. 

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    About Skyline & SCNG

    Skyline is Southern California News Group’s (SCNG) in-house content studio, providing branded & custom content, and creative production services to advertisers. We help elevate our advertiser’s brand experience through compelling story-telling and distribution on our digital channels. Through a strategic partnership with SCNG’s 11 hyper-local publications, social media, newsletters, and websites we distribute advertiser’s content to relevant audiences, helping generate awareness and driving customer engagement.