Season’s greeting from TikTok! For the 2023 holiday season, brands should invest in TikTok marketing and advertising because this will increase EOY sales and consumer engagement.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially with younger demographics like Gen Z.

According to research conducted by the social media platform, 61% of TikTok audience have purchased something directly on TikTok or right after seeing it on TikTok.

The social media giant has released their “2023 Holiday Guide” to assist better and encourage brands to use the platform for paid ads.

But don’t worry, we here at Skyline Studio have done the heavy lifting of going through the guide to break it down for marketers and advertisers. Consider this our holiday gift to you! Keep reading this post for tips and strategies to best advertise on TikTok this holiday season.

Brands should use TikTok to sell more to meet those EOY marketing goals.

The holiday season is an essential time for marketers and advertisers alike—this time of year is considered crunch time for us. 

Marketers need to meet those EOY sales and marketing goals, and there is no better strategy than implementing TikTok advertising into your holiday marketing strategy. 

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to produce short videos to create highly engaging content. Post-pandemic, the social network has experienced a boom in engagement, and users and brands are starting to take notice of the vast advertising capabilities on TikTok. 

According to research, 15% of all product discoveries begin on TikTok—that’s a significant amount. So, if brands want different demographics to pay attention to and engage with their brand, TikTok is an excellent platform. 

TikTok’s holiday guide is meant to entice and assist marketers using the social network’s TikTok for Business resource to build engaging, innovative, and successful paid social media marketing campaigns. 

TikTok is an excellent platform for brands that need a boost in sales, meet their EOY goals, or want to make an impact in creative marketing. Using TikTok paid campaigns, brands can increase brand awareness, engage audiences, and drive consumers down the sales funnel. 

Brands that haven’t started paid campaigns on TikTok should begin now, as this will make for a happy EOY!

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Four TikTok marketing strategies to increase your brand’s sales this holiday season.

So, how can brands use TikTok to sell more for a holly, jolly EOY? We’ve curated a list of TikTok marketing strategies to help marketers and sellers increase their sales potential using the social media platform. 

Below are four TikTok marketing strategies to help brands sell more effectively, boost engagement, and increase their ROI. 

1. Create TikTok-ready content. 

When developing content for a platform that you haven’t used before, marketers should keep with the same aesthetics that users have grown accustomed to on individual platforms. For TikTok, the same creative standard applies—TikTok users have grown used to the TikTok aesthetic of content that has a natural feeling. 

Some things to consider before producing TikTok content: 

  • Videos should always be more than 10 seconds. 
  • Using lo-fi video is okay; shooting video on your camera phone is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to avoid pixelated or blurry videos. 
  • Keep videos full screen at a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio. 
  • Videos should always include audio, as this captures attention. 

2. Use attention triggers. 

Marketers should note that videos on TikTok are their own marketing funnel. Brands must first attract users’ attention, generate value, and make your call to action. 

TikTok’s advice for effective video storytelling strategies is to have brands split their videos into three sections: 

  • The hook. 
  • Unique selling points.
  • Call to Action. 

Aside from producing videos with innovative storytelling to captivate your audience, marketers should also use other attention-grabbing techniques. You may be asking yourself why. 

According to research, the first six seconds of video are vital for attention, impact, and attribution. More ways to grab your audience’s attention is to incorporate editing techniques like music, transitions, movement, text, and interactive display cards.  

Always remember that quickly making your key selling points early on is essential to the success of consumer retention. 

3. Consider using different editing and audio techniques. 

TikTok already provides users and businesses editing and audio tools you can experiment with directly on the platform. These options are great for brands, especially those just starting with TikTok or don’t have a large production team or budget.  

Brands unfamiliar with TikTok and its content can explore the various audio and editing options users are used to seeing on their feeds. TikTok users are accustomed to a certain feel and look on their feeds. And keeping with trends, your brand will achieve higher engagement and brand awareness. 

On TikTok, avoid overproduced videos because users will instantly recognize your brand as inauthentic. TikTok users like this platform because it feels natural, and brands that achieve this feeling in their videos will earn consumer trust. 

4. Optimize with trends. 

As marketers, it’s always important to stay on top of trends, and TikTok video trends should be a top priority when creating paid campaigns on the platform. 

TikTok makes it easy to spot a trend with hashtags. If something is trending on the social network, a hashtag will likely have millions, sometimes billions of interactions. 

Capitalizing on the natural hooks and structural templates of TikTok trends is another way to optimize your target audience and boost engagement. TikTok provides marketers and advertisers with a Creative Center where you can stay abreast of what’s trending this holiday season to help you produce effective paid campaigns. 

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