Marketers, it’s time to deck the internet with paid social campaigns! And this holiday season, we are putting a spin on holiday campaigns with some marketing automation strategies.

The social media conglomerate Meta has created a helpful guide for marketers and advertisers on maximizing AI for your holiday brand campaigns—Meta Holiday Marketing Automation Guide. According to marketing AI research, 80% of industry experts integrate some form of AI technology into their online marketing activities, providing a more seamless consumer experience.

We here at Skyline Studio have gone through Meta’s guide and created a post to help you better understand how AI can significantly improve your paid social media ads this holiday season.

Keep reading to learn how AI can create more marketing and advertising engagement and revenue for your holiday campaigns. ‘Tis the season, marketers!

Automation helps optimize holiday campaign performance. 

The holiday season is one of the most crucial advertising periods for brands. This is often the period where brands can generate the most revenue—making the holiday season a highly competitive time for advertisers and marketers alike. 

However, marketers can alleviate holiday advertising stress with marketing automation. Which creates a more cost-effective and less time-consuming option for your business. Automation tools, like Meta Advantage, provide advertisers with the ability to either automate parts of a campaign or the whole campaign. 

When brands choose to use Meta Advantage, marketers can automate the following: 

  • Budget known as the Advantage campaign budget 
  • Creative known as Advantage+ catalog ads and Advantage+ creative
  • Shopping is known as Advantage+ shopping
  • Placement known as Advantage + placements
  • Destination known as Advantage destination: Website, Shop+, App. 

According to Meta, the above tools intend to improve online sales and increase campaign performance—implementing Advantage+ shopping campaigns has a 17% improvement in cost per conversion. 

The social network’s automation tools allow brands to connect products with potential customers better. Their tools use machine learning to automatically deliver personalized campaigns to new and returning customers based on behavior, interests, and intent. 

One of the more impressive features of Meta’s automation platform is the two targeting options to reach holiday shoppers: 

  • Reach new customers with the Advantage+ catalog for broad audiences. 
  • Reach existing customers with Advantage+ catalog ads for retargeting. 

Of course, we can’t forget about ad placement! With Meta’s Advantage+ placements, marketers can place campaigns across Meta’s various platforms, like Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, Messenger, and Audience Network. 

Creative diversification taps into the different motivations of holiday shoppers. 

Meta’s automation tools are an excellent resource for creative advertising. Research conducted by Meta shows that shoppers have at least 11 reasons for being influenced by holiday purchasing decisions, including price (87%), product authenticity (82%), and familiarity with the brand (73%). 

Meta allows creatives to develop different brand campaigns for the same product on the social network. With creative freedom comes more personalized messaging and the ability to target your ad to the most relevant audiences.

When diversifying your content, creatives can be segmented by concept or format. Concept segmentation is meant to speak to your audience’s different motivations for buying your product. Meanwhile, format segmentation focuses on different viewing audience behaviors. 

Audiences are diverse and multifaceted, and your creatives should be, too—creative diversification boosts brand awareness and increases purchase intent. 

Meta makes creative diversification more seamless because you can incorporate different creative assets for your holiday campaigns. Using Instagram Reels to build out your diverse holiday campaigns is an excellent strategy. Instagram Reels content is entertaining, easily digestible, and relatable. 

Ultimately, have fun with Meta’s creative capabilities to better reach your target audiences and grow your online presence. 

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Understanding data provides a positive holiday buying experience. 

As marketers, we know the importance of data. And with Meta’s help, your holiday campaigns precisely target consumers for holiday sales success. 

As holiday shoppers’ purchasing journeys are unique, brands must use data to understand the buying habits, likes, needs, or wants of consumers to increase purchase intent. 

Many holiday shoppers tend to shop across different channels, from social media to mobile apps to brick-and-mortar stores—the holiday customer shopping experience is unpredictable and unique, as consumers are trying to get the best deals on time. 

According to Meta customer buying research, 73% of customers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations. This reinforces the need for quality consumer data. Meta provides marketers a direct connection between your marketing data and Meta across various channels with conversions API and event match quality. 

Conversions API optimizes campaign performance by connecting your cross-channel marketing data and Meta. Event match quality helps you track events to match better a Meta account, which helps increase conversions and improve acquisition costs. 

Chat advertising and instant forms generate high-quality leads. 

Meta makes measuring holiday campaign data more efficient for impactful holiday marketing strategies to generate qualified leads.  

The social network’s automation tools include A/B testing campaigns to identify what elements drive the best performance. Therefore, your brand can better optimize campaign performance. We know that A/B testing provides greater insight into what your consumers are responding to better so you can tailor your holiday campaigns to be more effective. 

The other automation measuring tool Meta provides is messaging. Brands can reach consumers and build relationships through chat by targeting audiences with ads on Messenger, Instagram. or WhatsApp. Brands should consider chat advertising because 78% of consumers say messaging is their preferred way of communicating with a business. So, if consumers want it, brands should deliver it. 

One of the most essential business automation features is Meta’s Instant Forms. When implementing Instant Forms into your strategy, brands can generate high-quality leads because this feature is a direct way to find new customers for your business. 

Instant Forms is a game changer for lead generation strategy because potential customers can express interest in your brand with just a few clicks. The best way to implement Instant Forms is by optimizing for mobile. 

Delivering Instant Forms on mobile devices is perfect for lead generation efforts. These forms load quickly and auto-populate with customer contact information already shared with Meta. Plus, Instant Forms are customizable, making it easier for brands to tailor their CTAs. 

Meta’s Holiday Marketing Automation Guide is meant to help brands create a seamless holiday buying journey, generate high-quality leads, and increase holiday campaign performance and ROI. By implementing some or all of these marketing automation strategies, brands will have a Jolly EOY! 

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